I used to be a nurse in Accident and Emergency at Charing Cross Hospital. Between 12-hour shifts I completed a degree in physics and a post-grad dip in physics and engineering in medicine at UCL where my project was 3D mapping in surgical robotics.

I transitioned into financial tech as a software engineer initially working on a lending platform that used machine learning to work out loan default risk. I then became an R&D software engineer for Rimes opposite the Bank of England where I worked on a system that supplied the major banks in 40 different countries with stock data. In my spare time I developed an open source machine learning software package (deploy-ml). This got the attention of a Harvard associate and I briefly visited Rwanda. This software package also got the attention of monolithai where I currently work as a software engineer building AI training systems. Monolithai’s machine learning has reduced the amount of plastic in L’Oreal’s packaging by 40%, and has also improved/speed up the development of many other companies like Mclaren, Siemens, Honda, Aptar Group and many more. I still volenteer my time to a number of different med tech projects in the NHS. Feel free to contact me if you have an interesting thoughts.

I love coding software. I can code backend and front-end systems that can be deployed to AWS servers in docker containers. Always happy to talk about developing software for a project.