I am a nurse with 7 years accident and emergency experience at Charing Cross hospital. I completed a physics degree in my spare time between 12-hour shifts and I am currently studying an MSc in physics and engineering in medicine at UCL, where my thesis is applying machine learning algorithms to dynamic vision sensors in surgical robotics. I code in python, objective-C, and swift. I like applying machine learning algorithms to data and have written my own app: Medical Matrix, which is now on the Apple app store. I am the co-founder of www.mygpevents.co.uk where I coded the backend data management. My┬ámain interests are data analysis and med tech development. I have spoken about coding at places like Imperial College London conferences and the Royal Society of Medicine and given talks to biomedical engineering students at UCL on the practicalities of med tech design. I now code for a Financial Tech company in central London Holborn two days a week. I also like providing simple solutions that make clinicians’ lives easier. For example, I coded some simple scripts that went through the databases of athletes in the GB Olympic team and generated reports for each athlete. The result was that doctors could look at a simplified report of the athlete when assessing them. This solution took a couple of hours of coding.



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