Below are some documents that you may find useful when working through my coding pocket guide:

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tuple_example : This is the basic tuple dataset for the tuple exercise in the getting started with python chapter. Download this file and copy and paste the contents at the top of your python script and work through the exercise. : This is the complete python file for the DVT risk score calculator exercise in the second application DVT risk score chapter.

cardiac_data.csv : This is the example dataset of 554 rows of different types of cardiac surgeries, their success rates and which hospital they were performed. This dataset is needed for the exercise in the reading from data files chapter.

data_project : This is the complete file for the data exercise at the end of the book. It contains the sorting functions and the analysis functions. This toolkit will get you hitting the ground running on your data analysis project.

biggest:smallest This is a file containing a few simple functions. One finds the biggest number in a list and counts how many times it appears in the list. The other does the same but for the smallest function. And the third function simply counts how many times a variable you define appears in the list.

drug infusion calculator  This file contains a basic python script that will let the user select a drug from the database, type in a few parameters like dose etc and calculate the amount of drug from the vial that’s needed and the mls per hour. The file also includes a step by step guide on how to code the calculator so you can customise it and use it for other purposes like protocols. The script can run on a smartphone if the smartphone has a python interpreter.

excel_reader This file contains an Excel file with some fake patient profiles. The script reads through the excel file and logs errors in the data, counts how many people have not had their vaccines and lists their contact details in a report. Learn how to code this in two 15 minute videos for your own audits!