Prepping for talks

Once again I am finding shelter in a local coffee shop. The sun is beating down and my week is packed and this is my last couple of hours of freedom for the next eleven days. In the next eleven days I have nine night shifts in accident and emergency, a day where I shadow the deputy head of education and research for NHS England for a whole day after coming off a night shift in the middle of my stint, and I’ll be giving a talk at the Royal Society of Medicine at the end of my nights. Events are like buses, they all seem to pack themselves together at the most inconvenient times. I suppose the ones that don’t are done by most people and thus become standard.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 15.20.42.png
Although I love the challenge of processing data, coding and machine learning I never gel with powerpoint. As you can see from above my slides are basic black and white with zero animation. My frustration peaks when I have to put a picture in as I quickly forget how I formatted the picture later on. I generally stray from my powerpoints to demonstrate the data processing algorithm I recently developed or a step by step guide on how to develop a function and run it. It’s these moments that make me realise how much my mother has molded me. My mother, a physics teacher also hated powerpoint and taught most concepts of physics through practical demonstrations. I still remember my exaggerated childhood sense of betrayal when I found my toy boat stored in my mother’s classroom as a demonstration aid for waves. So when you next feel embarrassed about your powerpoint skills remember it’s your teaching style, not your ability to adapt to technology.      

Charing Cross Hospital: my night dungeon for the next 10 days 


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