Good idea! Don’t tell anyone

The summer days are starting to cool down, night shifts are finished and my sleep pattern is taking full advantage. I always seem to be looking forward to the change in weather. Midway through summer I long for the crisp air and early nights of winter. Midway through winter, I can’t wait for the long days and summer breeze. I don’t know why this is the case. Maybe I look through rose tinted glasses too quickly, like when I never recall waiting in the airport when thinking about past holidays.

My talk is tomorrow and I have been harassing friends for feedback. The talk is on coding which means I don’t have to be skilled at convincing people; unlike other subjects. If the code works it works. As computing can solve problems quickly and accurately it’s not hard to demonstrate the advantages, which is lucky for as I’m not articulate enough to persuade people on concepts like politics. What I love is the excitement people get when shown computing. They start running with ideas and this mostly ends with: “don’t tell anyone”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.46.59.png

Generally, I’m very vocal about my ideas. The truth is that ideas are not worth that much, it’s the implementation. I’ll give you an idea right now. To reduce cardiac arrests you can build a time machine and go back in time when a patient arrests in order to prevent it in the first place. I can give you another good idea, eat healthy and exercise consistently. If you manage to pull either of these things off I wouldn’t have any right claiming an entitlement to a share in your success.


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