Freedom…… it’s addictive

Here we are again, meeting in Soho. Shubz has developed the front end of the landing page with an interest form. I’ve developed the data models for the back end of the site. Courses, providers, and categories all have to interact with each other and inherit attributes. The only issue I have now is welding the front page to the data models at the back. In theory, it’s simple but fiddly.

me on the left, Shubz on the right
To me there is always a buzz when I run a program I’ve coded and it finally works. It’s such a different feeling to clinical work. I think it’s the freedom you gain from the skills you develop. Learning clinical skills like taking blood or inserting a difficult cannula are satisfying but limited to clinical outcomes of the individual. Learning how to code and launch a program is different. You can develop programs for different industries and potentially solve the same problem for thousands of people. However, the effect of this is more abstract and not staring you in the face when it happens. Whichever is more gratifying depends on your personal choice. But, if you’re interested in learning code, I recommend it. Clinicians who learn code have a lot to offer.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.58.21
Timber Yard in Soho, love this place
The small teams of clinicians I’ve seen operating alongside the NHS have not only impressed me, they’ve given me hope for the future. In fact, I have seen so many impressive people I feel the need to have an inspiring clinicians section on my website. This has kept my day busy as I have another interview booked later on today. Do not let the NHS beat you into thinking that you’re another cog in the machine that doesn’t have anything new to offer. Regulators in organisations like the NHS are slow. They get in trouble if something goes wrong but regulators get little to no reward if an advancement is made due to them revising regulation. This is because it’s hard to prove that it was their revision that facilitated the advancement. Because of this, there is very little incentive for regulators to actively facilitate innovation. It’s much safer for them to simply talk about it. However, you have the clinical experience and if you have a standard laptop and an internet connection the only thing holding you back is your coding skills and your imagination.

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