Have an idea? Stop thinking and start doing!

We finally have a basic search function coded!! Ok, it’s not amazing, we can search through our database of pulling objects based on category and display the objects in order with other objects that are inherited. The trick now is to build a drop down form into the page for users to make their own queries.

I met Shubz in Westfield. He finally managed to get Django installed on his mac and hours burned as we sat side by side in the food court going round in circles. I love Westfield. I understand when people say it’s too “clinical” for them but for me it’s all very convenient.  Maybe I’m lazy or indecisive as I find not having to move very far to experience a range of shops and restaurants generally positive. You can accuse me of being easily pleased but to me, it’s not a terrible crime.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 02.31.31

Usually, I and Shubz are singing from the same hymn sheet. However, where we differed slightly was the enthusiasm to launch. To me, there is always another function we can add, or an area to improve. Shubz, on the other hand, has always been keen to release the website as soon as possible. His philosophy is that we refine after releasing early. So with this impasse, the only solution was to read.

As you can tell from the title the literature states that you should start learning from your mistakes as soon as possible. A classic example that kept popping up was the poetry teacher situation [link]. They told one group that their grade will depend on weight. The more pots the higher the grade. They told the other group that their grade will depend on quality. At the end of the period, it turned out that the group producing quantity actually made better quality pots. They were getting their hands dirty, getting a feel for the clay and learning from their mistakes. Similar stories came out of silicone valley. These start-ups chucked out half-baked software quickly and refined. The same can be said for competitive sport or chess. You have to lose a few games before you start getting good.

So we will try and launch the website as soon as we can. If you’ve got an idea, jump on it. If you fail you’re back where you started with some lessons learnt and an insight into refining your idea. Peter Thiel said that the world has a bigger shortage of courage than genius.

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