Book suggestion: The Drunkard’s Walk

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 07.28.30This book looks into different aspects of our lives in order to demonstrate how randomness plays more of a role than we would like to think. It explores areas such as medicine, sports, politics, the film industry and crime to demonstrate to the reader how many practitioners in these fields are easily fooled due to the nature of probability. The book uses news clippings and personal anecdotes to Nobel prizes to drive points home. The main theme is that events are much more random than we give credit for and that they are much harder to predict, like predicting the walking path of a drunk. The Author, Leonard Mlodinow is a mathematical physicist and has a range of world class institutions and universities on his CV. This comes through in the book as some parts are a little hard to read and clunky. It’s certainly not an easy read all the way through but it’s worth the effort. The lessons revealed in this book were so eye opening that it spurred me to improve my math and read up on probability theory. This was one of the books that pushed me to study a physics degree.

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