Man, what a beating

I am now in full swing in my postgrad at UCL. Two twelve hour shifts over the weekend rolling into lectures into lectures throughout the week. I wanted to get information on projects so in between this I’ve been juggling multiple meetings and reading around each project in order not to waste the supervisors’ time. I am also helping in the teaching of the computational medicine degree at Imperial College London. When it came to Thursday I woke up with a headache, aching joints, cough, and a runny nose. Every day, there seems to be a new recruiter in the quad which has resulted in me attending presentations in the evenings on banking, engineering, management consultancy and much more.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 16.50.23.png

I know, I’m signing up to most of this. Like a dog with too many toys I’m struggling to say no to an oppertunity. It’s this excitement that keeps me going. The project that I will most probably be working on is developing machine learning algorithms that monitor and track tumours in laproscopic surgery. The supervisor is impressive with experience on medical robotics from a range of institutions like Harvard, Zurich, Imperial and now UCL. I hope my life gets a little less chaotic in the future as right now this is not sustainable. Personal organisation needs to be ramped up. There are others out there who are doing more with their lives than me and they seem to be managing fine:


Not suprisingly my output on this website has dropped for the time being. We have released another podcast but the next one will be delayed and my interviews for inspiring clinicians has definately taken a back seat for the time being. With events like night shifts coming up this weekend it’s going to be hard to maintain a routine which is essential for this lifestyle. The trick will be coming up with an exercise routine that will tire me out so much that I will we able to sleep shortly after waking up late post nights. If anyone has any tips I would be very happy to hear them. Hopefully I will write again soon but this is why my blog has been a little quiet.

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