Book suggestion: Basic economics

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 06.18.16.pngI’ve finally finished this lengthy book. You may be thinking, why am I suggesting an economics book to clinicians who want to innovate? The book looks at the economic outcomes of interventions and choices as opposed to their emotional intentions. Having a basic insight into economics is vital to anyone who wants to make a change in anything. It will not come as a surprise that there are some dry areas in the book that you simply have to power through. The lessons pulled are invaluable.  It’s a lovely breath of fresh air compared to the emotional hyperbolic articles you see in the news. I first came across the Harvard educated economist through youtube videos where he consistently set straight opponents with facts whilst refraining from making it personal. Warning some of you views of the world will be shattered. The book explores how groups and individuals react to market changes and government intervention. It uses multiple examples to show that the outcomes are usually opposite to the intended effect of the intervention.


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