Book suggestion: The lean start-up

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-19-20-37You may think that this book isn’t for you. You want to make your department better, you want to push an initiative at work to improve outcomes, or you’re looking for a promotion. You may have no intention of starting a business. Don’t let the title put you off, it’s still for you. The book explores start-up mentality and gives examples where teams in big organizations have managed to pull off impressive projects from embracing a lean start-up approach. After setting the scene it gives the reader a step by step approach on how to manage a project, isolate problems and solve them. You may be thinking: Ugh Max I can spot and solve problems. I thought this too but it gives simple, practical advice on how to get the root of the problem in order to come up with a systemic solution. It pulls from examples of multiple successful start-ups and from the author’s personal experience in his failures and successes. I’d even recommend it for non-techies who want to make a difference to their clinical department. There were some dry parts but this is necessary if you’re going to get a rounded picture. In the book, he even points out that a lot of the work in a startup is grinding and not fun creative stuff. He also addresses misconceptions such as batch processing and introduces a scientific method to refining a product.

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