Book suggestion: The software developer’s life manual

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 16.09.15.pngI became aware of John Sonmez when I started watching his youtube videos [Link]. This guy is a good person to follow. He is a seasoned developer in the silicone valley and is always positive with good hard work as his main motto. If you are looking for well-rounded general advice in software development you cannot go wrong here. However, be warned, he is not an excuses man and will happily tell someone that they are lazy or not up to scratch. I recommend listening to the audiobook as he is the one narrating. He adds extra gems that are not in the book when it was written. It is a light read with easy to understand chapters. He addresses other aspects of your life that also need attention, like how to sell yourself, fitness, general outlook on life etc. If you are looking to see adversity as a challenge to be conquered, face tough truths with determination and make positive steps in your life I recommend this book. He is an inspiration to people who want to better themselves in the developer world. After reading this book you’ll want to set up a fitness regime, get that coding side project off the ground, let emotional bully’s comments bounce off you, and work with others to make a change.

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