Book suggestion: Entrepreneur Revolution

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 02.10.30.png

This book looks at the developments of working habits throughout history in order to make the argument that we once had an industrial revolution and that we are now moving into an entrepreneur revolution. Whilst there are plenty of books and newspapers telling you about the advancements of tech and how it will take jobs. This book argues that tech gives us the ability for people to start small companies and cater for niches. We are turning back to the days before the industrial revolution where a person with little capital, an internet connection, and a product or service can provide for a micro niche all over the world. This flows well with the general philosophy of my blog and I have no doubt that this book has been part of the construction of my outlook on life. I read this book about a year and a half ago and I held off recommending it in order to see how it affected my life. The book isn’t academic, it doesn’t rely on multiple sources and studies. However, it does pull from personal experience and case studies of successful people. As the author is a successful business man I thought it was worth a shot when a friend recommended it to me. The author turned up in London with no connections and little money and within a year he had a business that was turning over millions and a strong network. Advice from this guy is definitely worth your time. The book is succinct and well written. The advice is easy to understand, yet eye opening. This was one of the books that not only gave me the motivation to take the jump and carve my own career, it gave me simple practical tips which had clear positive effects. Would recommend this book 100% which is why it’s on here. I had to read all his other books straight after this one because a fire inside was lit. My vision was a lot clearer and as a result, I achieved more in the last year than what I had in the last 3 years. I can only hope he writes more. This book not only changed my outlook, it changed my life.

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