Book suggestion: Deep Work

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 14.27.24.png

This book, written by a PPh.D.grad from MIT in computer science, explores the science behind deep work. As social media and the internet increases in use, our brains are being rewired to have shorter attention spans. People tend to focus on shallow work. However, the value of shallow work is decreasing, and the value of deep work is increasing. He presents case studies and scientific findings to demonstrate the advantages of locking yourself away from society for periods of time to focus on developing that skill can really give you an edge and get people wondering where you find the time. I think most of us have developed terrible habits. I sometimes buckle and try to get work done whilst the Netflix is streaming on the other screen. This book also gives you practical tips to break the bad habits. I wish I read this book before my exams.

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