Tech Investment Growth in the EU

Coronavirus has chucked a spanner in the works for a lot of people and this couldn’t have been foreseen. However, how was tech investment looking for the UK in relation to the rest of the EU? I was hearing stories that Manchester was overtaking London for startup growth and that people and money were leaving the UK due to Brexit. Whilst the effects of the coronavirus haven’t been fully mapped out, the tech nation report [link] shows that these rumours were well…. just rumours.

I’ve been playing with adobe illustrator and I’m new to it so bare with me. I’m new to it, but between work and writing a book, I thought I could carve out some down time to relax and learn Adobe Illustrator…. I hoping I will get better. For 2019, tech investment in Europe was dominated by the UK:

If we look at the growth over the last year (2018 => 2019), we can see that yet again, the UK dominates the scene:

So where is the growth actually happening? I broke down the rate of change for the years 2014 => 2019 and we can see that London is by far the biggest:

To put this into perspective, the whole half a sphere is the growth for the UK, and London is denoted by the yellow portion:

Even when we look at just the growth in the last year, again, London dominates by a huge margin.

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