What’s been going on with me

A lots been going on to the point that life right now it keeping my head down, and working till the early hours of the morning most days. I’ve been getting a few messages asking what I’ve been up to. It’s becoming so numerous now that I feel guilty taking the time to write on this blog. We can start a while ago. I wrote another book on fusing Rust with Python. A couple of firms in the city who want to infuse Rust to speed up their pricing software contacted me and it reminded me that I forgot to post about it on this blog:

I also wrote the second edition of my Rust and web programming which is a lot bigger than the first one:

And I’ve been contacted by a big publisher to write the book on Async Rust. Our medical simulation software is breaking boundaries and there’s an academic medical paper in the works. We also got to present our cutting edge infrastructure at the Rust nation conference:

Was also recently interviewed on the biggest Rust podcast in the world:


And then a recent podcast on the market of software engineering and Rust:

I’ve got a few others lined up but I don’t really keep track of this stuff. When it comes up in the calendar I will make sure I turn up on time. I’ve also been working with an NHS project on the tracking of medical implants but can’t disclose too much as this point in time and also in talks with Imperial College London to provide a grad course for PhD students on the Rust programming language as Rust is like 98 times faster than Python which is what a lot of academics are currently using.

I’m still open to collaborations as I am training up a few junior developers who do work through my company I co-founded with a friend but when it comes to media presence and posting on this blog, I will try and find time in the future as the stuff that’s going on is interesting, it’s just that other things are pulling my time. I know this is not a proper excuse and I’m touched by the multiple people who email me asking what’s going on. I will look into blocking out time to post once a month, I think this might be achievable if I break a post down into 4 weekly tasks to get it out once a month.

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