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Stonewalling with bad stats

Unless you never go on the Internet you will have come across people either bashing Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I myself have done this. In fact, the election has been so hyped I bet even the politically inactive have an opinion about each side. Because of the explosion of data in the last couple…

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What do you want out of this?

My postgrad is coming close. The hours worked in A and E will be reduced soon and I’m having to refer project opportunities to other people. One thing that gladly doesn’t change is the email correspondence. I love hearing from people, exchanging ideas and listening to other peoples’ stories. Recently I have received a number of…

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Interview: Dr Yu Jeat Chong

Dr Chong Graduated from Imperial College London and is now a ophthalmology trainee. He organises talks and courses at a range of events including venues like Imperial Warf in London and the Royal Society of Medicine. Yu Jeat has a keen business mind and has completed an MSc in informatics. Alongside his clinical practice, he has also…

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