Book suggestion: Rise of the Robots

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 13.59.53.pngStraight off the bat, I have to warn you that this book paints a negative picture of the future of tech and how it will impact society. The argument proposed in this book is clearly one sided however, it is well thought out. It explores the history and future of robots and artificial intelligence. It concludes that if we continue going the way that we are going there will be an elite few who control and program robots and software, whilst the rest of the society will struggle to make a living as they have mainly replaced. It’s definitely worth a read. The author is a successful entrepreneur in silicone valley and clearly knows his stuff. He gives a whole range of examples of recent tech developments and how they are already replacing people. He also explores economics and points out that there has been an increase in jobless recoveries from recessions. This is where the economy bounces back but there are no new jobs created….. machines picked up the slack. After reading this book you will be a well-armed devils advocate to someone who’s claiming that they can’t be replaced by a computer. To avoid being depressed after read Daniel Prestley’s entrepreneur revolution where he argues that this advancement in tech will enable individuals to be more creative and start more personalized businesses.

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